Sunday, May 07, 2006

Packing up..........

Short post as yesterday was quite busy. Squeezed in a round of golf with the S.O. a sure sign that she is feeling better, then she had me packing the rest of the day. Pain in the ass she sometimes can be, she sure is organized!

Speaking of packing, I've realized that Donald Rumsfeld is missing a golden opportunity in the controversy over the Generals. Now as you know if you have read here, I support the Generals speaking out and criticizing the Secretary of Defense for the planning regarding the decision to invade and the Phase IV planning afterwards. I consider it a good thing for the country in general and for the SECDEF in particular who has failed to resource his armed forces for the "long war". It's also clear, however, that Donald Rumsfeld is firmly in the saddle and short of a heart attack is not going anywhere anytime soon...........

So as long as he is going to be staying, he has a chance to do some real good for veterans and currently serving active duty personnel. Lex, Chap, Phibian and Yankee Sailor have argued that this criticism is inappropriate for retired officers to speak out against a serving Secretary of Defense. Many of the arguments center around the fact that retiree's are still receiving the "King's Shilling" . By that logic Yankee Sailor argues that the retirees may also still be subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. By virtue of receiving retired pay they are still "part of the service".

Lets follow this logic all the way. If I am receiving retired pay for continued service, then it follows that this is income to me in return for: a) continued availability, b) conforming to the party line and c) supporting DOD endeavors. By that logic of receiving "the Kings Shilling" then the last couple of years of shilling packets are just a few shillings short. 39% to be exact.

Here is where Rumsfeld could finally make good on what he supposedly never knew about almost a year ago. At the time, he promised the Lt Col that he would have David Chu "look into it". Nothing was ever done since then except for a letter by DOD lawyer hacks that said the division of retirement is an accepted practice in property settlements...........

However that is the point. Retirement pay IS NOT PROPERTY. By tieing this in the with general's controversy, Rummy finally gets an issue of sufficient national visibility to establish a precedent once and for all that it's income. Therefore not subject to division. He could kill two birds with one stone. Silence criticism and score a victory for those of us who are truly, "unequally yoked". As a bonus, he could fire Dr Chu, for getting this issue wrong in the first place. Since Dr Chu is not guilty of planning for the war, simply being uncompassionate towards those who had to pay its bills, it would be a firing the Secretary could get away with.

After doing that, then sue one of the generals for libel. Or convene an Article 32 for the general with the best legal resources, based on the "King's Shilling" argument. Get it out there in legal precedent that retirement pay is income for continued service. That in turn, would give Congress a means to repeal, this incredibly wicked piece of legislation.

To deprive my ex-wife of money she does not deserve and did not earn.....yea, for that I can keep my mouth shut. So what are we waiting for?


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