Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wasting away in deja vu ville..............

Up/Down count- Down $75.00 I hate it when the lady dealer leaves and gets replaced by a guy while I have a beer coming..........

In case you have not noticed I am a cheap gambler. I jumped in the poker pool last night, and played Texas Hold-em, but I bailed when it became apparent that things were not going my way.

Greetings from the sovereign state of Nevada. Just like a couple of weeks ago it has been an interesting trip down memory lane here as well. I have a wierd feeling in my heart. Went out to my old house, and also went by where I used to work when I was still in the Nav. It was a great place to work professionally and I really enjoyed my time there. However, since my personal life in my (former) marriage was going to shit, it cast a shadow on any thing I tried to accomplish. This effect was made worse by a worthless excuse for a human being who thought he had a right to meddle in what could and should have been my private life. May you be run over by a bus and die in your own vomit...........Screw you Dr. K.B. The only thing that would make this visit worthwhile would be the ability to personally tell you to go to hell.

I did get my revenge on the above mentioned individual, by hoisting a beer and telling my self and whoever else would listen that I am still here, you "greasy bastard".

I liked my time in Nevada. The state's 24 hour lifestyle agrees with me. Prostitution is legal and one can drink and gamble. This works for me.

No post yesterday as I had a long aday moving my "stuff" from one storage place to another. My wood working tools appear to still be in good shape and perhaps someday I will get to use them again. Not any time soon though, so I oiled up the table saw and some of the other ones. If the c**t of an ex wife had paid attention to this, I might not have to be here right now.

Off to see the attorney tomorrow in what I think will be a vain attempt to level the playing field. I hate lawyers!

Drank beer with former friends tonight. A lot of beer. accordingly its time to go to ber. However I commend you to read the article about USNA on CDR SALAMANDER. I want to know when those of us who were opposed to women at the Academy can say , " I told you so".
Charles Gittins comments about the leadership vacuum and cowardice of the superintendent are right on the mark.

Posting may be spotty for the next few days as I am working from a dial up. I'll try to keep the train running though so please bear with me.........

Ja ne.....Skippy-san


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