Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The world is turning weird......

Short post tonight, S.O. and I had more than a few at dinner and we are both sleepy and..........

So since I got to run ;-). I'm taking a cheap way out: My first and I hope my only OPEN POST! Use this block for shameless self promotion of your blog. Or consider how wierd the world has gotten in the last 2 days. Here is some food to talk about:

-Ted Kennedy and George Bush are in agreement. Seeing Ted Kennedy defending GW on the Senate floor makes me want a drink.......

- Hearing that the Guard is not being overworked..........then again Arizona beats being in Iraq!

-Priests telling me not to go watch a movie! ( Hollywood loves free advertising from the pulpit....).

-Wondering if I will see campaign adds for this Guberatorial candidate when I go to Nevada next week:

She may have what it takes to run the state! Read here and here about her campaign!
From her resume, she may be the most honest politician there is.........

Maybe Michelle Malkin could learn a thing or two from her about truth in advertising! (Both are about self promotion.....).

She looks better and writes better!

Open post in the comments. Knock your self out!


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