Friday, June 30, 2006

Breakfast with the King

You are the Longest serving Prime Minister in Japanese history.

You've been branded as "Bush's poodle".

You have gotten the JMSDF/JASDF/JGSDF to deploy overseas in spite of popular opinion against these deployments.

You've thumped your opponents in a snap election over postal reform.

You've done a good job making S.Korea and China pissed off by visiting Yasikuni shrine.

You got (some of) the abductees home and got N. Korea to admit they did it......

You have gotten the Japanese economy to start out of its doldrums......

What does one do for an encore to that?


So that's where he gets his advice!
TOKYO — When Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi tours Graceland later this month with President Bush, he wil lbe representing a big constituency -- Japan has droves of Elvis Presley fans, and the biggest Elvis fan club in all of East Asia.
Koizumi, of course, is the most famous. Last year he serenaded Bush with "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" at a birthday party for the president. Apparently it made quite an impression -- Bush and his wife, Laura, will accompany Koizumi on his June 30 visit to Presley's estate in Memphis, Tenn. "It's exciting," Jack Soden, chief executive of Elvis Presley Enterprises, said Wednesday of the upcoming visit. "Two world leaders, plus Elvis, plus Graceland." The prime minister is just one of thousands of die-hard Japanese Elvis lovers.

May be he will have some barbeque on Beall Street. Doubt he'll find any of these there:

And while he could go hear some good jazz, he will be with Bush and that would put the damper on any evening. Rumor has it that while the Prime Minister has an eye for these:

I think Laura would disapprove. We know she would not like the beer for sure......

However in the meantime, it will probably be a real love fest with the PM and the Pres:

Thank you, thank you very much........for supporting our war.

Beer and babes......with a side order of politics-Skippy-san


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