Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Burning the candle at both ends.....

Another busy day today. Mornings have been full, conference call at noon, then I get some free time in the afternoon then a video conference in the evening. Not making it back to the room till afte 8............grrrrr!!!

I am also busy because I am doing a stint of guest blogging. I've been given the kind honor of keeping the blogfires burning over at Sourrain's blog while she heads to Malaysia for her wedding. So drop on by and pay her a visit. Give her a hug. Tell her what you think about the wedding gown. (I think she likes embroderie........).

Have you seen the latest Navy photo making the rounds?

Impressive eh? However back in the day, we folks in the Navy got this many ships together all the time. With battleships too. Now though, it takes an act of God to get this many ships together............Also notice the F-16 in the back right division out of position? Some wiseass I'm working with tried to tell me it was a hornet, till I blew it up and showed him only one tail on the suspect aircraft. Plus Navy guys know how to fly formation!

Have seen zero world cup games.

Have seen lots of cute Japanese girls walking around, in pairs.

Going to play golf tomorrow and try not choke like Phil!

Its not fun to have to tell people, "I'm such an idiot.".

Don't feel bad Phil, that's me on the first tee!

Got to run. Go see Sourrain! And speaking of candles, the Phibian has a great video of why Kim Jong Il needs to watch a little more TV. You shoot a missile.....get it shot down!


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