Sunday, June 04, 2006

Guest blogging.......

Chaby here. I'm Skippy and S.O.'s cat.

Skippy-san would like to have posted something witty and original about news and newspapers, but after he downed 15 plates of Sushi at Kura sushi this evening( The S.O. had 7-All plates 105 yen!), S.O. is asleep on the couch and Skippy-sama is drooling into his pillow on the bed.........I've seen this before after they eat too much sushi. She'll wake up cranky, go back to the bedroom and wake him up and make him take a shower. He'll fuss about not wanting to get up. She'll say something quick and nasty in Japanese about being kitanai (dirty......).

Since nobody brough me any fish, I don't care if they get up at all. Except I need to get some water. Think I'll go drink out of the toilet and then go scratch up one of the S.O's dolls. See if they forget to bring me maguro! (tuna............). That'll show them who really runs this house.

Oh, one other thing, Skippy thought all of you should read this latest article by Thomas Friedman........before he passed out, he mumbled something about the Frank Rich article being pretty on the mark too. Big deal. Where's my milk?



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