Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hawaii musings.......

Brain is jello right now so I can't jump in the deep end of the pool this evening. Combination of wind, rain, bad golf and real frustration at people who cannot plan properly........(Like the people I will be working with this week...).

I did sneak away for some golf today at Kaneohe Bay. Tomorrow is actually going to have to have a teleconference because it will be Monday in Japan, so I left at noon today thinking I could be changed and up there by 1. Alas I forgot about H-1, the auxiliary Honolulu parking lot. Thus by the time I got to the hotel, changed, preflight the clubs, it was 1:30 when I was leaving the hotel. Accordingly I rolled up to 18 racing the setting of the sun. Hawaii golf is interesting because of dealing with the wind......(and the 2 hole rain shower........). The wind seemed always to be across, or in my face. Then again Kaneohe has a signature hole on number 13:

My ball is the one slicing towards the beach!

Ala Moana Mall is a great place for girl watching. The food court there is a great place to park oneself at a table corner, eat, and watch an assortment of women pass by. The place is full of Japanese and Chinese tourists, Hawaiians, assorted others, and lots of women who have curves in the right places and no curves in the wrong ones. Its especially interesting to watch the Japanese and Chinese girls as :a) they are usually dressed in some sort of dress/skirt/capri pants with heels............ They usually look much better than their American tourist counterparts.

Speaking of Japanese girls, walking around Waikiki has confirmed what I first observed in Guam. Lex would be proud of these women, they understand fighter aircraft tactics exceptionally well. Whether its at the mall or the bars in Waikiki, you see the same things over and over again. Japanese tourist girls always deploy in sections or divisions (2 plane or 4 plane..). The singleton is rare indeed. They understand the idea of mutual support and they have radar contracts that are ironclad. If one loses sight or radar lock, or if you try to get one to break away for a 1v1 engagement, the other one almost immediately changes course and rejoins on her wingman. These even seems to happen in the presence of large amounts of alcoholjamming or deception. And of course being here means that its hard to get a "wingman of opportunity" to keep dash -2 busy while you attempt to convince Dash-1 that you can rock her world. And speaking of alcohol they also stay on their booze ladder, and that also makes breaking down their defensive posture difficult. It can be done, I know-been there, done that, got the T-shirt-but it seems to me its the exception not the rule. Which is a shame because there are a lot of bimbotargets here for the picking........Sigh.

And as for the news.........well that should wait for another time.

Lids..Closing.....Sleepy....Need less beer. Watching the US open reruns makes me sleepy. Here come Phil again!!!! Yech.........

Ja ne!


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