Monday, June 05, 2006

An interesting irony.......

I'm on an anti useless whoreMichelle Malkin kick this week. Why? Because she epitomizes all that is wrong with both conservative blogs and criticsm of the "Main Stream Media". As I'll prove tomorrow and have noted elsewhere, there is no such thing, just points of view you purchase. Buy enough of them, you find a middle ground where the truth lies and if not, at least you have done your home work.

Which is why, if this factoid is true, it makes the knowing of it all the more sweeter. Michelle Macalang may in fact be herself, an anchor baby! Now if you have been following the sweet looking Filipina's writings, she has been bemoaning the fact that legions of Koreans and Mexicans have been making what she has termed "obstetric vacations....". When in fact she may be the product of just such an adventure herself. Seems her parents came to the US on work visas. So she either got her start before they moved or very shortly after their arrival. Could have been the excitement of seeing the Statue of Liberty. However Michelle seems to believe that what was good for her parents are not good for anyone else:

LAMB: You said that your parents became citizens in `89. When did they come
to the United States?
MALKIN: In 1970.
LAMB: Why did they come here?
MALKIN: To pursue a better life. My dad is a doctor. My mom is a school
teacher. And they`ve always treasured freedom. They`ve always wanted to live the
American dream. And they left 1970, right before Ferdinand Marcos became
dictator. So there was definitely the impetus there. They`re, you know, the --
the archetypal people yearning to breathe free.
LAMB: Were they political in the Philippines?
MALKIN: No. No. No, they weren`t.
LAMB: So how did they -- what -- what kind of a visa did they get to come here?
MALKIN: My dad came on a -- he was -- like I said, he was a doctor, so he was training here and had an employer sponsor and then -- you know, and then, you know, went on their way, like most people do who have green cards, and then eventual American citizenship.

Don't suppose it could have had anything to do with the fact that the economy in the Philippines sucked then and still sucks now?

For more info go here.

Maybe its just me, but I think its marvelous that the woman who criticizes babies born to people on work visas is one herself..............


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