Saturday, June 03, 2006

An internet experiment

Early to bed. Early to rise. Makes a man........a lousy blogger. Played golf with S.O. and we walked. Between that and a trip to the treadmill at the gym, I was sawing logs on the couch at 7:45 pm. Either I am getting old or I need more exercise!

Surfing the internet is always interesting, you never know what red light district you are going to stumble into. Like when I was looking at one of the anti Malkin blogs that read her blog (so I won't have to......). I especially like it when Ryan catches her in ........well it may not technically be a lie, but it sure has nothing to do with the truth.

That little adventure lead me down another road, where I discovered quite by accident, that the lovely Filipina had taken severe objection to Wonkette's criticism of her new video waste of bandwith blog Vent. Apparently, she is really touchy about any thing linking her to the oldest profession. So she became totally unglued when Wonkette posted its send up of her video blog. Asking the question, "Do you think this is funny?", she then calls the authors and supporters of the post "liberal bastards". Not content just to attack the messenger she makes sure every one knows who the author of the post on Wonkette was and how hateable he is. Which soon led brigades of her sycophants over to his blog to post equally educated comments.

Which, by following a link to another liberal blog, I learned a new word, queef (v. as in to queef). Decorum prohibits me for defining it for you here. It seems to get used a lot in sentences like,
"ping pong ball queefing bitch malkin". Which by the way is from a google link Michelle Malkin posted about herself, on her own blog.

THERE I DID IT! I got that phrase worked into a sentence. Now thanks to the popularity of Imelda MarcosMichelle Malkin, I can get a whole lot of hits on my blog. Time will only tell if my experiment works. However it did make for an interesting little excursion in bloggerville.

One other thing too. Calling Michelle Malkin a whore is just so low rent. It does a disservice to the legions of hard working sales professionals out there. I suspect if the truth were able to be known, the only correct description would be starfish. If Ms Malkin wants, she can run a rebuttal to that proposition. THAT would be entertainment!


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