Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Its the end of the world as we know it.........

And I feel fine.

Today bodes not well as it is the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the 21st Century. And its now 6 am Central Daylight time. In other words today is 666 day. Oh great something else to worry about.

Today was also the end of the world as they knew it for folks on both sides of the lines invading Europe. Today is the 61'st anniversary of D-day. The day US troops entered Europe and to date, never entirely left. (Say what you want, at least the cold war came with beer and peanuts...and some good port visits. Unlike the current fracas.....).

Today is also the 17th anniversary(+ a couple of days) of the Tianamin Square massacre. Which as Spike notes is being noted by the non-elected government of Hong Kong in a matter befitting the mayor of Fantasyland. Donald Tsang, he of the big bow tie, says that all the matter needs is a little perspective:

All Hong Kong people know well about the June 4 incident. It happened 17 years ago and since then the mainland has undergone remarkable developments, which have brought prosperity and substantial economic benefits to Hong Kong. I believe all Hong Kong people would now assess the matter objectively.

I think Spike sums it up well when he pronouces Sir Bow Tie a frigging moron:

What does he mean by "objectively"? This doesn't make one iota of rational sense. Although it's not too far off from a line of thought I have often heard voiced in both Hong Kong and the mainland - we're making money so shut the fuck up.

The fact remains: the Army -following the orders of a brutally repressive "government" - attacked and slaughtered their own countrymen. The only "crime" those people had committed was to publicly advocate democracy and basic human freedoms. Those who ordered this massacre have never been brought to trial. Nor have those who carried out those fiendish orders. The only people who "paid" for this black mark in the course of human events were those who died or were wounded as well as their families and loved ones. But we're rich now, so shut the fuck up.

"The mainland has undergone remarkable developments." Yes, a lot of big buildings and shopping malls have been built. (Tsang, advocate of wasting our tax money on this godforsaken Tamar lunacy, should know about that.) The spirit of capitalism has prevailed and a lot of people have gotten rich. But in terms of basic human freedoms, any changes in the past 17 years have been barely noticeable.

What other possible "objective" way is there to "assess the matter" ("assess the matter" rather than "view the slaughter"?) other than to say that a mass murder occurred and those responsible have never been brought to justice?

I still marvel at the fact that that the US had to invade Iraq to change a brutal regime, but China gets a free pass. Oh yea, I forgot about how much US debt they hold and how they allow Wal-Mart to underprice every one else. Bejing must be so proud! At least the food is better in China and the women get to wear decent clothes........ They will be just as bad in 2 years, but at least the US learned its lesson and will got to the Olympics. Now if Iran would just fold in the first round next week of the World Cup.

Rather than yell at the press for the way it covers Iraq, one should yell at the collective media , liberal and conservative, for the way it treats China with kid gloves. In the old days they had a term for the folks in Bejing: "Commie bastards". Nowadays they are still commie bastards, but they are trading partners so we have to turn the other cheek............

Then again, at least the women dress well in China.


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