Friday, June 02, 2006

Learn something new every day.....

No post yesterday. As we get ready to move, the S.O. and I have been going together to the gym every afternoon. We've taken to eating a big lunch, then doing treadmill and stair-stepper in the late afternoon and then a very light dinner. Last night I did that, had a beer (or 3.....) and I went down for the count.

A friend passed the following along to me, from a retirement ceremony he attended. It was from a Parachute Rigger. I had never seen it before, but I think its great. Good advice for PR's and for life in general. I always thank my lucky stars that during my flying days, I never had to use a parachute......but its nice to know that this was their creed:

Pack every parachute as though you were going to jump with it.

Allow for human faults, and look twice for mistakes.

Remembers that the other fellow's life is as dear to him as yours is to you.

Always be sure-never leave it to guess work.

Chance is a fool's God-don't depend on it.

Hunt for trouble-don't wait for it to corner you.

Unless you would jump with the parachute yourself, don't expect the other person to.

Till men grow wings, they will need parachutes.

Everytime a rigger makes a mistake or oversight there is another potential murderer loose.

See that it isn't you.


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