Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup report.. or Why Iran really wants the bomb.

Because they suck at soccer football. As the Phibian points out, they got beat by Mexico in the first round. You are always winning when Persians are losing!

But, what is not the love about just about anyone that makes Iran look bad? Bask in it. We can't do it, let the Mexicans. We are all "North Americans" now.

Meanwhile, this morning I picked up my Asahi Shimbun to learn that Australia beat Japan 3-1.

Must have been early in the game. Too many smiling Nihonjin!

There is also this annoying little matter of the US losing to the Czech's.........
3-0. Then again, its not like this is real football.

Speaking of real football, Bubblehead posted a column on why he hates soccer and why he feels its opposed to real American sporting values. He points out that :

......don't expect me, or other Americans, to start demanding more televised soccer other than every four years -- unless they change the rules. If they get rid of the "offside" and "handball" rules, and allow real tackling, and have you carry the ball over a goal line rather than kick it into a net, and get some hot cheerleaders, then Americans will embrace the game -- not before.

Now he may have a point (operative word being may), but I think he is ignoring some of the positive benefits about soccer, especially for us living overseas:

1) Its a great reason to get drunk in pub.

2) It gives you something to do in a pub, while you get drunk.

3) If there is a crowd present, the men will invariably go nuts about the game, the women will get bored and your odds of scoring with said women may actually have just improved.

4) There is usually better beer in bars where soccer is shown than in bars where NBA basketball is shown. Give me a pint of lager over a Bud Light any day of the week.

Gambare Nihon!


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