Monday, July 31, 2006

I gave the man a year.......

Its now been over a year to be exact. Over a year since "The Donald" promised a Lt Col staring poverty in the face that he have Dr Chu "look into it". Not one speech, not one letter to Congress, not even a written apology. Nothing. In fact its worth than nothing , because Congress proposed amendments to the law that make it even more vindictive. The one amendment that would have helped the Lt Col was " subsequently withdrawn, in the Senate Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee, and not reported by the Senate Armed Services Committee to the full Senate. "

From the good Mr Rumsfeld....nary a peep. Thanks for living up to my already low expectations. "Do military spouses deserve lifetime monetary awards that civilian spouses don't get? Why? Is the playing field level in military divorces? Absolutely not. Why the Sec Def thinks that's a good thing is known only to him."

Boy that felt good! We now return you to the normal mayhem.


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