Monday, July 17, 2006

Wars and rumors of wars.........

Sitting here in the lounge at DFW awaiting the long trip back to Tokyo. Watching people go about their business. And I can't help but thinking: Does anyone here realize that there is war going on? That over 200,000 Americans are out in a variety of locations, none of which are nice, and for a cause that seems to be unraveling over this past weekend: peace in the Middle East.

Maybe it is just me, but it seems that as I am out and about that most Americans are either unaware of the facts noted in the above paragraph, or if they are, it all seems far and away, the concerns of immediate life superceding that fact. And for several reasons I am troubled by that. Do Americans really realize what it is the President signed them up for?

It also seems odd to be hearing about Lebanon this weekend. I remember all the crowing about the "Arab spring" last year and how it seemed to some that Lebanon vindicated the idea that democracy would spread to the region and all would be well. If anything, the last week has shown once again, republic or no, Arabs are Arabs and can be counted on to screw up any good deal given to them. I see Israel as having no choice and its time to put Hezobolah in its place. The concern I have though is that it will spiral out of control.

Twas always thus however, and this is really not new news. However the presence of those 200,000 folks whose presence overseas is daily on mine mind makes the stakes a lot higher for my birth country.

And lets not even talk about Kim Jong Il and his threat to the country I am going to.
Has the world gone mad?


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