Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Electoral foolishness...........

First, its primary election day in the US in 5 states. In two, Georgia and Connecticut, the incumbents are in trouble. For the record I am hoping both lose. Cythnia McKinney because she is a moron, Joe Lieberman because he needs to be the victim in a bigger cause: sending George Bush a message that its becoming time to fold up in Iraq. That no amount of Iraqi lives is worth the life of even one American. Especially when they themselves can't fix their own problems. I'm tired of having to keep silent in the company of others when the subject of the war comes up. So let me be blunt. The Iraqis need to sink or swim on their own. It was never in the US long term interest to invade there, its hurt the overall US security posture and its harmed the Armed Forces of the United States in the long run, because the powers that be have refused to resource them properly for the length of effort it is taking. So either throw the Iraqi's in the deep end of the pool and let them figure out for themselves what to do, or bomb all their major cities into ashes. Make them see what the real price for being a Muslim is. And while I'm at it, the whole idea behind IA's is a crock of you know what too. If the Army needs help to win the war, make it bigger. Even if that means the Navy has to get smaller. Armies do what armies do. Navies do what Navies do.

Wow, that's not very rational now is it? But it is where we have gotten to, because of George Bush's obsession with the useless piece of what was once the Ottoman and British Empires.
The public tied is turning against the war, but not in the way that liberal Democrats think it will.

My own prediction is that McKinney will lose because voters in her district are tied of being embarrassed by the stereo type she engenders. A stupid person impersonating a Congressperson. I'll bet in her district there are at least a 100 people far more qualified than her to hold public office. I think Georgia voters are tied of seeing someone represent them who has done nothing more but make a career out of having a certain skin color.

With Lieberman though, I think he will win , but it will be a squeaker. There will be dead people on both sides voting, and when it is all said and done, he'll win . Because in the end the voters of Connecticut are more concerned about getting contracts for EB, Sikorsky, and for New Haven. They know a senior incumbent is in a better position to do that. And, truth be told, they are scared of what a Lieberman loss really means.

Because if he loses, it will send a message that if one believes in compromise and getting things done, you lose; well Katie bar the door. There will be no cooperation any more on either side. The Malkinesque and Coulter symptoms of the Republican sycophancy will grow even stronger. Moderates on both sides will wither on the vine. In the end the Republic will be poorer as a result.

So what am I saying you ask? Namely that the anti war foes have picked the wrong way to go about this. Lieberman is not the problem. Its the Nancy Pelosi's, the Hillary Clintons, and the other bozo's who pass for leadership in the Democratic party. Get some leadership with class, make the President work to get funding for his war, and take back ownership of the Senate. Not going to happen with the current crowd of Democrats.

So I expect to see a grey haired man giving a victory speech tomorrow and Democrats weeping in their beer. Sorry guys, you brought it on yourselves.

I still have to wait 3 months to vote against Rick Santorum. As if my absentee ballot will really matter.....................


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