Friday, August 04, 2006

Funny things to see......and read!

Out and about town that is.

Having gotten our cars all properly registered, we decided to put them to some use this evening. Out to Kura sushi for dinner. ( All plates 105 yen!). After gorging myself on 15 plates ( and thus tying my previous record....), I rolled out the door so as to take the S.O. over to the second hand store. She calls it a recycling store. I don't understand how a store that sells second hand goods can have the name "Hard Off". (And yes, my mind instantly zips into the gutter and wonders if I can get her to recycle something with the opposite name.........).

Fortunately they have used books, so I trot off to the manga section. Unfortunately, the manga I want to read: 18 才以上だけ。(18 years or older only) is all palstic wrapped. Damn! So I settle for the ones with cure schoolgirls. I also stumble across some for the Space Cruiser Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト):

A story about a boy and a girl who find love,
148,000 light years from home, in the heart
of the enemy.

Dodging a spending bullet, we head home. Fortunately the really expensive Noritake store is closed (Thank God!). I get on the computer and surf over to find Hemlock, who as usual is on a roll, documenting the plight of Chinese yuppies in Hong Kong. He's also found a job for me:

I could do this job, but they may not like the path I lead the child......

He does point out the hardships of being a Chuppie parent though:

For those of us who have baulked – or fled screaming – just thinking of the towering challenges of parenthood, this is yet another reason to rejoice at not having children. The responsibility of having to choose and manage a Filipino woman to feed, wash and clothe the child is daunting enough. And now, mothers and fathers must also assume the even more awesome duty of employing the right full-time mentor to educate and develop the little ones. There is no way I could face the burden.

Would that I had such problems..............

And of course Secretary McNamara Rumsfeld testified before Congress....after saying he would not. When did Congressional Subponeas become optional? Nonetheless it lead to this little moment of polictical hypocrisy on both sides: Hillary calling Rumsfeld incompetent. . Coming from Hillary, its the pot calling the kettle black. Actually the two of them are more alike than they realize: both are mean spirited, both don't care about their consituents, and they both provided poor advice to a sitting president..............


Bubblehead has an article about the dangers of believing your recruiter.

And finally Sourrain bought a new purse.

How can a purse be worth so much? For that kind of money I could have bought a LOT of these:

And I'm sure you could, in some places, get a night with one of these:

All a matter of keeping your priorities straight!


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