Saturday, August 05, 2006


Today was a reasonably good day. I got up on the assumption that I was going to play golf el solo lobo. As I was making coffee at about 5:50 am I heard rumblings from the S.O.'s direction in our room. Now mind you, we had agreed that I would go early so I could get back and we could go to the Matsuri ( festival) tonight and watch the fireworks.

However, she decided that she was awake so she would go with me to play golf. Not a big deal but because we live farther away from the course now, we needed to get moving to get there before they closed the standby list. (Did not have a Tee-time......this is the first time I've played in a month.) So I informed her that she needed to HAYAKU her cute little Japanese butt along.

30 MINUTES LATER, we finally are pulling onto the expressway. GRRRRR! My dear, golf does not require makeup, putting laundry in the machine, or figuring out which hat to wear. I was 2 minutes shy of just leaving her there. ENGAGE THE WARP DRIVE Sulu! We are going to have to put some miles and smiles behind us quickly. Fortunately the traffic cooperated and we were able to make it. However its clear some training for the S.O. is required. I could have been on the road at 6 otherwise. Coffee is all I need (and my clubs of course....).

The rainy season is finally over here. Its ended about 3 weeks later than is normal, but today was one of the beautiful (?) Kanto plain days. HOT, MUGGY, and NO WIND.

However that is summer time in Japan. Which is a time I like. ITS SUM, SUM, SUMMERTIME!!!

Which means that Fireworks are going to be seen! And so we did.

But next time, if she's not ready.....she's walking.


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