Sunday, August 27, 2006

In the middle

Never underestimate the benefit of a good nights sleep. I slept both Friday night and last night for over 9 hours each. God, it felt good! Now today its back to the salt mines and 5 hours a night for another week. The higlight of my day is that moment I put the key in the door at my hotel at night. The low point is closing the door each morning. As for the interval in between, well, the less said the better.

All kinds of banners up yesterday proclaiming women's equality day yesterday. Who **** came up wth that? When do we get to celebrate Men's empowerment day? Or White Anglo Saxon Protestant Men's Hisotry Month? Feminism at work again.

Its like everything else with this diversity kick, they can't leave well enough alone. Recently the Chief of Naval Operations announced that the Navy needs more women. By his saying that it puts an end of the idea of "gender neutral" promotions and selections. Welcome to the brave new world of affirmative action. "Most qualified" will be replaced by "Meets quota". It is crazy.

Also I noted that the Marines have begun involuntary recall of reservists. It's not suprising. They are bearing a huge burden in this war, as they have in every other war. As long as Iraq drags on the problem of resourcing it is going to get worse. How many times does one have to pay at the office? You see it in the service as I've seen friends who are eligible to retire, be denied retirement as they play hard ball to ensure they have enough folks to feed the IA mosnter. These folks saw the writing on the wall and were voting with their feet before the monster came to eat them. I feel for them. These are good guys who if required would go to sea and do anything else nautical, but are not simply going to get jerked around just to pay someone's twisted idea of how to do more with less.

These are the beginings of the cracks in the damn. They will get worse. Phibian has discussed who is responsible over at his blog. I don't hold folks in DOD responsible for the decision to go into Iraq. I do think they should be called on the carpet for not banging on the desks demanding enough resources if the administration is hell bent to take on as many commitments as it has. There is no wood dented yet.

Do more with less. But make sure it is diversified. Where did Nero leave his fiddle?


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