Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Liberation day......

Today is a holiday in Korea. Its Korean Independence day. And for those of you keeping score, its the 61'st anniversary of the Japanese surrender. They lost the war.....or did they? There was a period of time when Americans actually thought that. That Japan was actually fighting the US on a different front, the economic one, seeking to take over the US. Then the sleeping panda woke up in China and both the US and Japan found themselves fighting the same enemy.

Played golf in Osan today. Interesting course. Greens sucked though. It had some interesting reminders that just 100 or so miles to the north the Communist hordes are there, seething. Intersting things that reminded me of that as we made the circuit on the course. Saw Patriot missiles, machine gun boxes and 20mm gatling guns.........something to think about.

Back to work tomorrow. Will be very busy so blogging will be light.


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