Friday, August 18, 2006

No time to post!

But not to bust to forget beer and babes.

And not forget my favorite babe, Mrs Bacon who is waiting for me to price that cheap imitation tokidoki purse. Its on tonights agenda, unless my recently discovered, favorite female bartender pours too many of these down me:

Thanks to General Bell and his predecessor, I have to live with the reactionary regime that imposes a curfew that includes contractors. What total and complete horseshit! Next time remind me to forgo SOFA status, and just be a tourist! Then I would not have to have Air Force pogues stopping me as I was walking down the sidewalk because I did not appear to be walking straight. F**K you! You guys are the ones enforcing a curfew, So if I walk home from the bar, what is the big deal? Oh excuse me, I forgot the USAF was all about enforcing morality, thus the reason for the stupid curfew in the first place. BITE ME!

Now I really Need:

Which is not coming any time soon, more so thanks to the stupid curfew...........


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