Monday, August 28, 2006

The surrender declaration.....

As I pointed out yesterday the Navy is making a huge push for diversity.

Friend of mine showed me a brief the guys in the surface Navy put together. Its one of those "health of the community briefs" that talks about where the community is going. By the looks of one slide, it is going straight to hell a railroad car in the middle of a forest in France. Read(the key surrender clauses are in italics):

•Baseline SWE minority/female demographics by rank, rate, rating, NEC, ship, shore establishment and training or education site

•Produce a website for all minorities to access their ethnic group to see photos and bio’s on all leaders in the SWE including Flag Officers/Senior Executive Service, Commanding Officers, Command Master/Senior Chiefs, Sailors of the Year, Flag Aides, and other leaders of our community of female or minority status.

(Skippy comment: I suppose that others just have to get along with nothing?)

•Pulse commands to determine what mentoring programs currently exist, how these mentors are trained and how their mentoring is measured at individual commands

Measure the assignment processes for all Enterprise Flag Officers and commands to ensure a diverse pool of candidates for all nominated-type billets.

(Skippy translation: No nomination package will be submitted without at least one minority nomination)

Submit to CNO on behalf of the SWE a request that CNO/CNP officially restore the use of minority stamps and photographs on personal records on selection boards to assist all Navy Enterprises in properly identifying our minority personnel

(Skippy comment: Ask anyone who has been at selection boards how hard people fought to get that removed from the process so that the record gets viewed objectively on its merits. Please advise the OLA to standby for more Congressional letters............This is a huge step backwards.)

Ensure that admin screening boards such as XO/CO precepts capture the essence of the diverse total force such that all records are afforded their best opportunity for selection

(Skippy translation: Put quotas for numbers of women selected for command.)

•Provide timely, concise, and dependable demand signals to other Enterprises that intersect with the SWE in these matters

•Study ways in which our female Sailors can serve in our Navy and have families too

Skippy comment: This is the "mommy track". Daddies don't get one. They just get more time deployed to compensate for the lost numbers of deployables available.

Thanks guys! Thanks for putting down in writing what many had always expected. Wonder if men can now apply for disabled status because of the extra appendage they have to carry around................

(You can find the whole brief on the BUPERS Web site.)


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