Thursday, August 10, 2006

The ultimate cconspiracy theory...........

Have been watching the news all evening about the arrests in England and break up of a plot to plant bombs on airliners enroute to the US from Heathrow. I can particulalry relate to the scene of the crowds at Heathrow since that airport is ill equipped to accomodate them. I spent 4 hours in line there 2 yearws ago, trying to get through immigration since the useless bastards at Bahrain would not check my bags all the way through to the US..........

Now along comes.........wait for it...........another bunch of Muslims, who by the way hold British passports, who have decided to keep faith with the other losers Muslims in the Arab world by blowing up airplanes. So much for the theory we are defending the US by killing Muslims in Iraq. Seems these guys did not stop there at all.

Me, I've decided that in lieu of anything better, I'm believing the US airlines put them up to it. By not allowing liquids to come on the plane, the airlines have what they really want. The ability to hold you hostage for drinks. Now every airline will follow the poor example of American and charge for drinks. Even non-alcoholic ones. Coffee-3 dollars. Coke-$1.50. Don't like it? Swallow hard for 6 hours.

Yes sir, the airlines have really hit the jackpot. Hey its a crazy theory, but then again I saw Elvis in Shinjuku last month.

Thanks again , you useless Muslim bastards. You have made my life a lot harder, the day before I leave for Korea. Thanks a**holes! Thanks a lot.

P.S. Mohammed sucks the big one!


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