Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall foolishness

If there is a good thing to be said about being sick, is that it allows you to watch a lot of TV.

My trip so far has been mustering enough strength to go give my briefs, sit through the rest, and count the minutes till I can go back to the hotel and snuggle under the blanket.

Which, in turn, gives me an opportunity to watch the news. And while doing that, shake my head at ow really stupid amreicans can be.

Lets start with watchin Bill O' Reilly on the Letterman show. David Letterman, in a poor attempt, tried to point out to Bill what a pompous ass he is, which of course got nowhere. O' Reilly just lived in his smug world of contempt for any idaea that might actually have facts behind them. Tell mme again why he should not get the old Louisville Slugger to the forehead.

Then there is the Webb -Allen race. Allen is so desperate to smear Webb that he drags passages from his novels and gets women from the Naval Academy to claim that Webb is somehow not sympathetic to women. Feeling obliged to return the favor Webb drags up parking tickets from 30 years ago. (At least people assume they are tickets, Allen is not saying).

Its crap-all of it. Same with some of the other political commercials I have seen in the past couple of days.

Can't we stay focused on the issues?


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