Monday, October 23, 2006

Hantai desu..........

In Japanese that means "opposed to". I mailed my absentee ballot last week. It was definitely hantai.

I voted against every incumbent, sadly in my state district there was no Democrat running. Which is no surprise since I grew up in a very conservative part of Pittsburgh where the residents are more concerned about wealth preservation than any thing else............

Voted to give Rick Santorum his walking papers. I'm hoping against hope he gets beaten badly by Casey. He deserves it. For many reasons, but most of all for being stupid.

Why do I vote in the US when I don't want to live there? Several reasons actually. First it preserves proof that I might intend to move back some day which has applications to my current tax situation. Second, because I want the right to bitch about American government. I only get that right if I vote. So this is my way of buying my admittance to the whining chamber for two more years.

Third, because my passport is still blue, not some other color. So I'm still an American and it is my right and privledge to. Probably the republicans will find some way to take that away from me, but till they do-I'll vote against them.

Now mind you I am quite certain that since I voted absentee, my vote makes absolutely no difference at all. I've felt that way since the 2000 election and in subsequent events when they have not been counted till long after the last balloon has been popped in the winners headquarters.

This year you could call me a 1 issue voter. I voted against anyone who supported the war in Iraq and for anyone whose election would send the arrogant occupant of the White House a message that American interests are more important than those of a bunch of useless Arabs, who cannot and will not abandon a useless religion and govern themselves. It was basically a rerun of my vote in 2004 where my vote was specifically a vote against the Secretary of Defense, by voting to send his boss home. That effort failed as I suspect this may too. But hey, it makes me feel good just checking that square.

Here's the issue in a nutshell. I don't like seeing American names flash across my TV screen and in my newspaper unless it is going to mean something in the end. The current administration has done nothing that convinces me that this struggle is doing anything that promotes American interests. I've tried to think of a temperate way to put that. I can't. I could really care less about the Iraqis and what happens to them as a people. They refuse to get their stuff together and govern themselves. That is perhaps the one bright spot in the news lately-namely that even Republicans are starting to realize how Arabs are prone to screwing up anything good that is given to them.

As I see it there are really only 2 alternatives.

1) If this is so damn important, then lets go back to the Colin Powell rule and send in OVERWHELMING force and level cities that are insurgent hotbeds and close the border. That will require full mobilization of the reserves and commitment of the Army with a mandate to destroy most of Iraq in order to save it. Simply holding the current line is not enough. The entire Arab population needs to be defeated in order to learn that they cannot allow these insurgents to stay. Its probably what Shinseki was really trying to say back in 2003.

2) Since option one is not going to be pursued by anyone, then follow Kissinger's example and go tell (Thieu) Malwaki that he either plays ball or he will be allowed to fall. Seal the borders and let the Iraqis figure it out. That is not as the President keeps saying cut and run, its showing the Arabs what happens when they fail. Which they have......exactly as could be expected. They are Arabs after all.

Neither are good options for various reasons. But asking the folks at home to continue to support the status quo for the next 5 years not a good idea either. Public patience is wearing thin, exactly as I said it would a year ago.

I will remind everyone again, that in the Arab world, the best places for Americans are not democracies, and will not be for many decades. Democracy requires a better caliber of people. As long as the Arabs are handicapped by their religion, we need to support that which gives us what we want.

Because in the end, its all about us.

Angry? You bet. American voters should be angry this year. Throw the bums out!


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