Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jumpin' Jehosaphat!

What the hell was Mike Foley thinking?

Actually, he probably was not. He just thought he was having a little innocent fun........now the whole world knows about it.

He says it was the booze......I discount that theory some what. All booze does is lower your inhibitions and make really dumb ideas seem all right. Like picking up a Thai hooker in Nana plaza...or e-mailing a teenage congressional page. At least with option one, she goes away the next morning and you never have to see her again.

With option 2, well you can "build a 1000 bridges, but just..." you folks know the rest. Its all they remember you for.

Being back here in the US has been interesting to say the least. Its all Foley, all the time on TV. Good grief! Michelle Malkin has enjoyed the news though.

Its shoved the recent revelation of her church camp pictures by some other blogs. Mainly the ones who are bemoaning her hypocrisy. Now she claims the picture was "photoshopped". Some corners are not buying it however. I'm not sure if it is real or not, but part of me really wishes it was......Wish some of the girls I knew looked that good in a bikini! Of course, as we know it all goes down hill when she opens her mouth.

I do now have a mission though. Stop by Barnes and Noble for a copy of Woodward's book. Bastard! He's suckered me for a third time to read his fiction narrative.

Ja ne and stay away from IM.


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