Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Series (s)

Between watching one of the last episodes of West Wing, I also watched the Nippon Ham Fighters KILL the Chunichi Dragons 6-1. The Ham fighters played great and the Dragons pitching staff literally fell apart getting two runners on base by hitting them with the ball.

Meanwhile its all even in the World Series with Detroit fighting back in game 2. So in about 12 hours you will be watching game 3 on the wrong side of the International Date line and I will be getting up to go to work and also trying to put together a presentation that I have absolutely no desire to give. Which is why I put off doing any Powerpoint construction till today. I made my notes of course, but what I want to say is already in my head. Problem is, in today's world my words have to be on the screen or no one will listen. Framing argument verbally seems to be a thing of the past. Now its all about my old friend BLUF. For those of you who actually have powers of cognitive reasoning that means Bottom Line Up Front. Seems folks can't be bothered to follow a line of argument any more, they have to know how the novel ends first before they will read it............Congratulations America's military education system.-you've produced a group of impatient moronic leaders.

Seems to me the more I watch Japanese baseball that a true world series between the East and West would be a good thing. Except, Japanese batters would still get shellacked by Western pitching. Japan plays a more defensive style of baseball that is more fun to watch. Hitting and fielding, you know, what the game was meant to be.

Japanese baseball is much better than what was portrayed in "Mr Baseball". And American players are coming over here and making careers of it. ( And probably enjoying themselves more........Especially if they are single).

So here is the BLUF. I'm predicting the Ham Fighters in 5 games. As for the Tigers.....Well I'll be in Dallas this weekend drinking beer and watching game 7. Buy me a beer will you?


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