Sunday, October 08, 2006

So what have I learned?

Not very much apparently. This week has been almost surreal and now that I am back in Japan it seems as if it did not happen. More in a subsequent post when I am not so tired. The time difference really is taking a toll on me. Its 9pm but my body thinks its 2am.

Had an interesting experience landing at Narita today. Was flying on JAL-without saying a word, they upgraded me to business (as Ferris Bueller would say: "It is so choice!")-and we were just approaching the runway environment when I felt the surge of the engines, the nose come up and all the other symptoms of taking a go around. Being an experienced rider from my days in the E-2, its always a surprise when that happens. Seemed to me that during the climbout and return back over the water, the pilot was forever trying to play with the power levers and adding power. Bumpy ride around the east coast of Japan! So, 20 minutes later we finally touched down. They never really said why, just that they had to take it around. Being half awake and half asleep, Woodward's book open on my lap, the sudden climb got my attention!

Speaking of Woodward I am aout 3/4 of the way through it. Somehow I cannot picture interactions between folks at that level transpiring exactly as he describes. For one thing, it would seem to me that the whole set-up would be more structured than he describes it, and second the staffs of these people(as described by Woodward) don't seem to know rule #1 of staffdom: never let your boss get surprised. So its hard for me to accept a lot of what he says at face value. I'll finish the book and give you my review.

What I did learn this week though is that decisions made in haste are repented at with painful leisure. And that I've changed a lot from the guy I used to be 10 years ago. Learned I have some rage lurking beneath the surface (bet you could never have guessed!), and that I am not my same old happy go lucky self that I was 6 months ago. This was all learned during time walking around and sitting in parks and bars contemplating I don't know what. Let me get some sleep and I'll try to sort it out.

I also learned I must like the S.O. more than I think sometimes. Went for a late dinner last night, and then went back to my hotel. After a fairly long walk there arrived at the hotel to discover I had left all the assorted presents I had spent the evening buying her at the restaurant. Now it was 5 minutes after the restaurant closed. So I literally RAN, back through the park and up another 7 blocks hoping against hope that someone would still be there. (No taxis were in sight). Puffing, wheezing and sweat running down my neck. I banged on the door and they opened it! Explaining my predicament, they smiled and said yes the shopping bag was there. Now that was workout!

Maybe that is why I am so tired...................ZZZZZZZZZZ


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