Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some great quotes...........

Read some great quotes that need to be repeated today:

Under the category of keeping one's eye on the real ball game:

Finally, accept that Afghanistan will remain Afghanistan. It will not become Switzerland. Stop promoting things like “womens’ rights,” i.e. Feminism, that tell the locals we want to force Hell down their throats. At best, NATO may be able to leave Afghanistan what it once was, a state with a weak central government, powerful local war lords, a narco economy and chronic, low-level civil war. It would probably help if the monarchy were restored. Anything more as a strategic objective is unattainable.

We of course will never recognize that-at least for another 10 years......

Under the category of "paying the check......" we have the Army Chief of Staff:

'Let there be no mistake: Our soldiers' effectiveness in battle -- both today and tomorrow -- ultimately depends upon a national commitment to recruit, train, equip and support them and their families properly,'' he said. ``This is a matter of national priorities, not affordability.''

Are you listening Mr. Rumsfeld and Mr. Chu?

Speaking of the Chief of Staff, he also made it offical today-the 30 years war Iraq war will continue. The Army expects to deploy at the current level at least til 2010. Retention is good and we made quota by lowering standards-what me worry?

Maybe we should look at the past:

As the United States completes its fourth year of ground operations in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan also continues. In the meantime, the United States Army, now authorized to grow to 510,000 soldiers continues to recall members of the IRR. The use of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve continues at a frenetic and record pace and reserve component units that have already deployed are making plans to re-deploy for a war that appears to have no end.

Donald Rumsfeld is the leader of the world's most powerful military force. Unfortunately for the men and women who serve as our first line of defense, they have a cabinet secretary with both the ear and loyalty of the Commander-in-Chief. The generals who lead them in the field are constitutionally obligated to remain publicly silent when they disagree with the policies of the administration and the wars they fight. It is only when they retire that they obtain the reprieve they need to stand up and have their voices as citizens heard.

And finally, a voice from the grave.



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