Thursday, October 05, 2006

The week that was

Well, I went and spent money on THE book. (Woodward's...). Also bought Thank you for Smoking DVD, which went on sale today.

The news shows continue to talk about all the bad news this week and in particluar Mark Foley. This thing seems to have taken on a life of its own.

Most preposterous argument I heard to date? That somehow Republicans get treated more harshly than Democrats when it comes to sex scandals. That is almost always an attempt to ressurrect the Clinton blow job. Such arguments are ludicrous. First this scandal is not yet about sex, its who the good Congressman made sexual innuendos to.
Its also about other Congressmen knowing that they had a bonehead in their midst and not acting sooner to stop it. In the case of Lewinsky: a) it was a girl and b) she was past the age of consent. That just puts it in the area of mindless sex and not well advised, but not a crime also. (For the record, I forgive Bill getting some on the side, if you h ad Hillary for a wife you would need it too).

Second most amazing thing-hearing that a radio columnist had to give up 500,000 dollars of valuable air time to stop Phleps from protesting at the Amish funerals. That is as amazing as it is disgusting. Sure I would not want to be Amish, but what did they ever do to Phelps? This thing is bad enough without making it worse.....


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