Monday, October 30, 2006

Westbound and down

Rolling on and trucking.......we got do what they say can't be done.

Note to self: I need to figure out a better way to drive to the DFW airport. I've tried two different ways now and neither one has avoided morning traffic. It did let me get my NPR fix for a few more weeks.

On the way home now and not a moment too soon. I was growing tired of being in my room watching TV. Feeling better now which only makes sense because I'm leaving. Did watch the Cowboys game last night. Had to be quiet though, since I was rooting for the Panthers. Who lost.

As for the Steelers? Less said about that the better.

I did get a chance to watch Lou Dobbs several times. He is always ranting about the same issues, but to me they make a lot of sense. In particular his mantra about the war on the middle class strikes a chord with me. Because while the economy may be doing well, the benefits of that are not making to the people who need it. So he is probably right about the hour glass shape of the American economy. The rich are making money, but for the rest, there is a squeeze.

Now mind you, most of my economic squeeze comes from America's incredibly stupid divorce laws that hand away hard earned money to useless whores undeserving people. However, I noticed he had a great spot on countries where they had raised their minimum wage such as Ireland and how they were doing well. Also his points about off shoring of jobs not really making Americans any better off were well taken too.

What does suprise me is the veracity of those who are caught in the squeeze to defend the exact opposite. Not sure why that is-except that every American wants to be rich-nonetheless it does exist. I'm going to have to look at his book when I make another book buy.

Till then, I'll be finishing FIASCO on the plane ride home. Its a pretty good book so far and seems to be fairly on the mark.

Gotta run for the plane!


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