Monday, October 02, 2006

Win some-lose some

First things first. To the lady who quietly upgraded me on CX-THANK YOU! That was a nice surprise. Business class on CX is pretty sweet!

To the shrew from SATO who booked me on a non upgradeable ticket out of NRT, simply because I have the temerity to want all my miles with one airline alliance so I CAN upgrade, I hope your husband yells at you for a week. Someone will have to explain to me why wanting to be comfortable or wanting to fly a certain airline is a crime. The government's system of arranging travel is simply hosed up. Let me do it myself please, I can do a better job. GRRRRR!

I wanted to see the fireworks over the harbor last night. However, I made the mistake at about 7 pm of laying down "for a few minutes rest". Next thing I knew, it was 11 o clock and I had missed the whole thing. That was the one thing I wanted to do yesterday. At least I avoided the crowds on the water front. However to say I am disappointed is an understatement.

Speaking of disappointments, has anyone been paying attention to the news about Bob Woodward's book? While I agree with his central premise, that the US has mismanaged its adventure in Iraq and the administration refuses to recognize that fact. At the same time, if its like his last two books, Woodward does not footnote, so one has to wonder if he can really prove some of the quotes he states. I would assume so, he probably knows more about the libel laws than any other reporter, but there is just an air of insider chumminess when he writes about this White House.

This weekend was not anything like I thought it would be. Which to tell the truth is damn shame because I do not know when I will get back. Tried to get up to some of the tourist landmarks, the crowds were prohibitive. I did walk around the park though. (Before it started raining.....). and saw brides getting their wedding pictures done. That always has seemed to be to be a ludicrous tradition. The guy gets off easy-a suit is suit-but the bride has to be poured into her dress, make up set and then walked around in a place that was never meant for a dress. All the brides I saw sure seemed beautiful. Nonetheless, I could not help wondering about what their life was like. What were there hopes and dreams? How did they meet the husband? And why is not life more fair...............That pretty picture can seem pretty shallow when the real world comes caving in..............

That's a whine of sorts, because I've come to realize that I have made a couple of really big mistakes recently. Ones that are not easy to undo. Nothing illegal or fattening (well maybe the beer to wash away the memory is fattening), but I have to sort out a path to move ahead. At this point the map is not very clear. Anybody got a Life GPS they can loan me? I know the destination I want to go to, thank you very much. I just don't know the way to get there-or if any one should accompany me on the journey. Stay tuned, its going take literally months to sort this out.

For now though, its off again! See you on the other side!


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