Monday, November 13, 2006

Can these things really be true?

Its amazing what 9 hours of beer free sleep can do for a person..........

Back at work now, and all I can say is, I'm ready to go back to Singapore! Of course, I need to save some money to make up for all that I spent last week, but every one has his cross to bear.

Speaking of money its still not too late to give to the Valour IT charity. Details here.

The Countervailing Force has published a link to this, which examines the case of Major Jill Metzger who was alledegly kidnapped in Kyrgystan. I say alledgedly because the alternative version of the story has all the elements of a great ready room movie: sex, fraternization, a cover-up and even an abortion (possibly bothched) thrown in. Holy Freaking Zoomies Batman! That would not happen in today's gender neutral, woman friendly, macho denying Air Force would it? Surely not, because we know when boys and girls are deployed together they never have sex right? If this is true, then it has best selling book written all over it. It can sit next to another book coming out soon: "Great Naval Academy quarterbacks I have 'known' " by Midshipman "X". Coming to a Court Martial near you.


According to Wonkette, some drunk gamblers put new meaning into the words, "Vote Early and Vote Often".


According to Japundit, here is another good reason to go to a Japanese University:

A survey of Japanese students found that 62% of Japanese university coeds are not virgins, a rise of 10 percentage points since the last survey six years ago. This compares with only 11% of female university students in 1974 who admitted to having sex.


Check out the latest cover of Newsweek:

I'm not sure that's what it really looks like!


Speaking of things that are going to be painful to watch, according to Billmon :

It looks like the folks at Halliburton better get ready to bend over and drop them:

Rep. Ike Skelton knows what he will do in one of his first acts as chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the Democratic-led House: resurrect the subcommittee on oversight and investigations.
The panel was disbanded by the Republicans after they won control of Congress in 1994. Now, Skelton (D-Mo.) intends to use it as a forum to probe Pentagon spending and the Bush administration's conduct of the Iraq war.

Skelton: (pulls on rubber glove) This is going to hurt -- a lot.


Finally, with something I KNOW is true, and happens to me every time I visit the Lion City, is quite expertly described by Expat at Large. The video on "How to blow up an MRT train" is true by the way, I must have watched it 15 times while waiting for the MRT-with a shitload of coins in my pocket. They are now back in a jar, waiting for the day I can finally take them and turn them in some place........



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