Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ding dong the witch is dead!

Ding dong the witch is dead!
The wicked old witch of the E-ring is dead!
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!

Hi Ho the merry o! Hopefully, Dr Chu will go!
Vote a fairer pay raise next year!


I guess it was that or go hunting with Dick Cheney. I'm listening to Torie Clarke try to defend his worthless record as I write this.

Dear Ms Clarke- Go f**k yourself! Rumsfeld failed in his major mission as the SECDEF, namely resourcing the armed forces properly for the level of effort required of them. He apppointed senior DOD leadership who were more properly dedicated to screwing the troops when it came to end strength, pay and benefits, veterans entitlements, and his bullshit ideas about "transformation" .

Now, if the President is serious about the "long war", the new SECDEF can get on with banging on desks about why, if we are so committed to staying in Iraq, the nation is not making its armed forces big enough to meet its commitments.

This makes me happy!

I am suprised however, that Bush did this so soon. Makes me wonder if this was already on the table well before the election, in case the Republicans lost- which means that Bush and others lied when they said no changes were anticipated in leadership in DOD. Tell me again the man is not political.

Maybe Rummy did it on his own.........I doubt it.

John Lehman was the guy to appoint, but for now, have to wait and see how this guy Gates will do. At least he is portrayed as being different.

So Dr. Chu, when are you heading for the exit ramp........? The sooner the better , you stingy bastard, you.



HOO! HOO!. Who says voting does not get results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the vote of last night accomplished nothing more than this----it was worth it.

Now for the new SECDEF and Congress: SHUT UP AND PAY THE BILL!

Time for a beer.

This is the best day the US has had in years!


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