Sunday, November 26, 2006

Minimal posting for a while

In Hawaii now, off to work tomorrow. Got in the early am here in Honolulu. Fortunately the hotel had a room available so I was able to get some sleep and then off to Kaneohe for some golf. Played with a young Marine who had gotten back from Iraq about 2 months ago. Said because of that he had only returned to playing about 2 weeks ago. It did not seem to affect his game , since he shot an even par for the round. ( MY score was SLIGHTLY higher.......).

Had a good opportunity to chat with him. He said he felt that things had not really changed since his first and second deployment. He's really hoping something will happen this coming year to keep him from having to make a 3rd. Interesting conversation to say the least. Great guy doing a hard job. And a great golfer.

More to follow tomorrow, I'm beat.


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