Thursday, November 30, 2006

Things that have to be seen........

This week has proven that this work thing just gets in the way of having fun. Have had two long days in a row and its not put me in a good mood to go out. I hate working these particular projects. They end up being nothing but work, done in unfamilar circumstances, with people I can no longer really tolerate. Especially if they wear the light blue suit and speak Air Force.............

The hotel I am staying at-not worth the price. It's only virtue is the ability to get to work in 8 minutes in the morning. But as for night life around it-nada.

I take that back. There is a little sports bar where it appears all the DHL and FEDEX employees go when they get off work. But that's about it unless one wants to get in his car and take the risk of meeting road nazi's or paying $25 for a taxicab one way. Last night a colleague drove so I had to do neither.

We went down to Waikiki since next week the odds of us getting down there are slim and slimmer. Work is going to be worse next week. We went to a pretty good steak place, right by the beach-where you grill your own steak.

Dinner and a couple beers finished we walked around. After stopping in one bar that was supposed to have a good ladies night crowd we entered a smaller establishment. Where we met the king.

Yes that's right-Elvis was in the building. Or at least someone who looked like him. Turns out our avid elvis wanna be had just gotten married. And so rather than dash off on the honeymoon, they did the logical thing (not!) and go to a bar and do shots.

His "bride" comes in wearing a wedding dress. Carrying more than her fair share of poundage she proved the old adage that fat women need loving too. My buddy and I were more interested in her friend in the short dress with nice legs.

We tried to wean the story out of them since there had to be one-it really was not much of one. They got married at the eagles and they had decided to make the groom look like Elvis. Second (or third) marriage for both of them-and they wanted to party with their friends. It got us a free beer from the Mr Presley though-Thank you, thank you very much.

Sadly we had to leave too soon. My friend had to be careful of the road nazis and the longer he stayed the more frustrating it got because he could not drink the way he should have been able to. Something to do with mad mothers and reactionary laws.

So home we went were I slowly channel surfed myself to sleep-and dread getting up to go to work:

Welcome to my world!

Friends don't let friends join the Air Force!


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