Saturday, December 23, 2006

Back to reality.........

" Wine, good food, and roses; the milieu that is Tokyo out beyond the windows under a round moon. Not so young lovers....joined together by accidents of geography and fate;.......making love on a broad hospitable bed, performing secret rites as old as time, but forever fresh and sweet between lovers, the best moments human existence offers-such was our last couple of nights. The human predicament sometimes seems a gloomy tapestry with an indistinct, baffling design that swirls around and inward to the brilliant, naked lovers. The Bible starts with this centerpiece. Most of the old stories end with the lovers....retiring to their sacred nakedness. But for Skippy and the S.O. the story may just be beginning..."

-paraphrased with apologies to Herman Wouk.

Well, maybe the last couple days were not that good, but they were still pretty nice. I've just always wanted to use that quote. And, truth be told, we both had a really good time. And like an idiot, I forgot to bring the digital camera. So you will just have to take my word for it when I say the S.O. looked absolutely beautiful when we went to our fancy dinner. She wore a long black dress with the pearls I had bought her; her hair was up in a very attractive way, her skin was shimmering / glowing with vitality. The restaurant, having been called by me earlier, had given us the nicest booth. The check caused me to choke a was over 140 dollars...but all in all well worth it. Especially because we took over 2 hours to eat and finish our meal-over glasses of champagne and a bottle of wine! (Australian no less- I highly recommend it).

That was then. Now, of course, it is back to the daily grind. Nothing like getting back to the apartment and hearing "Doshite!" (WHY!) in that annoying, drawn out whine that only Japanese females seem able to produce-coupled with a few choice words in Japanese-to bring me back from Neverland. Back to dealing with mundane and silly things! It was nice while it lasted.(anyone who has ever lived with a Japanese woman knows it..........when you hear the Japanese word "Chanto" its all down hill from there).

Lots to talk about in the news of the past few days-but I'm sticking to my word-all will be addressed when the time comes. No war or politics till Christmas! Speaking of Christmas-hope you have all your gifts bought. I still don't. I'm not too worried since it is a Christmas tradition of mine to always buy at least one gift on Christmas eve. Plus. true to form the S.O. marched me to the jewelry store where I purchased yet another pearl pendant and earrings set. I think all in all, I've made good on my part of the deal. Lets hope she ,makes good on hers by going on Tuesday and picking up my new driver.

Today is a holiday in Japan. It's Tenno no tanjobi or the Emperor's birthday. Which explains in part why there was so much traffic on the roads today. Then again, it could be from the answer to my gaijin prayers-the opening of the first KRISPY KREME in Japan! Now that makes for a Merry Christmas! There are some nay sayers-particularly among Mr Donut fans, but I say to heck with them! Just have the store put on the 温かいドーヌツ! (Hot donuts) and let the world beat a path to your door in Shinjuku.

Finally, proving that even in Japan, they train girls early in the feminine wiles-take a look at this Christmas wish from a 3rd grader. The students drew/wrote their Christmas wish or the present they desired in the middle of a wreath and then made Santa heads:

From Japan Probe

Santa-san comes in 24 hours! Time to get ready!

Ja ne!


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