Friday, December 29, 2006

The beer year in recap............

Friday...last one in 2006. Time for Beer and Babes!

The end of the year is always the time for top ten lists. Here at Far East Cynic headquarters we do the same...all the while providing you with 10 hot babes to end the year with.

So lets look at the The Top Ten Beer Drinking Schools................ Where there are always these:

There is of course, the best and worst advertising of the year. Speaking of advertising:

The top 10 books:

The top ten Tech Babes:

The top 10 stories you either missed or chose to ignore. Speaking of hackable passports:

Ten ways to keep a bar girl happy!

There are of course the Top 10 Blogger Babes of 2006:

She's got a blog!

And the Top 10 outrageous cars of 2006:

Oh, the hell with it. Go here, here and here for the rest!


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