Friday, January 05, 2007

Dear Nancy,

May I call you Nancy? Or now that you are the most powerful woman in America, do I have to call you Madam Speaker? ( Oh, and by the way, I sleep less soundly these days knowing that you are now 3rd in line in the succession to the Presidency of the United States-and Dash 2 has a heart condition. Remember, just because I don't like GWB does not mean I am blind to your faults......). Whichever it is, I have proposition for you.

You are proposing an ambitious "100 hour agenda". If I may, I would like to propose a no brainer of a law you should pass during that time frame:

Repeal the USFSPA.

I realize that in your moment of glory you, rather unwisely, chose to parrot feminist mythology by talking about the supposed "marble ceiling", but here you have a chance to set the record straight. You can repeal this horrid abberation to the intent of the US Constitution and in doing so help to promote the rest of your legislative agenda.


- Repeal of the USFSPA will empower women. It will force hordes of freeloading women (and some men) to get off the government welfare rolls and actually set about the business of providing for themselves.

-You'll strikle a blow for physical fitness too, by getting these women off of their fat asses.

- It will go hand in hand with your ideas about raising the minimum wage-at least for my ex-by improving the earning power of the only job she seems capable of doing.

- You will help reduce the national debt, by increasing retirees tax burdens, but at least they will finally be getting what they earned.

- You will be helping our currently serving men and women, by giving them back the freedom to make smart choices about marriage-instead of being trapped by a financial straight jacket.

- You will be able to get something done that Donald Rumsfeld could not. That alone should be incentive to pass the bill.

This is a chance for you to prove that you are not just another wacko liberal from the land of fags fruits and nuts. Are you up to the challenge?

Got a rant in early this year!


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