Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Doing things to too much of an extreme. It what one could say about the USAF firewall policy.

Whatever happened to the idea of encouraging recreational usage of the internet-so long as it does not interfer with buisness. As I have rapidly discovered in the past couple of days about the only sites I can get to are Sesame Street and the 700 Club.

What is up with that?Pretty soon they are probably going to ban Sesame Street I think.

So its taken me about two days to figure out short cuts and workarounds to big brother. It involves careful planning and using 3 different computers at 3 different locations. And freezing my ass off walking between them. What is really amazing to me is not being able to reach my work e-mail from my laptop because the hit is coming from a Korean IP.

Probably the Air Force, like China wants to purify the internet. And ensure conformity of thought. God forbid you would think for yourself.

Maybe that is the price we pay for our technological advances. I'd like to think not, but sometimes I wonder.

At least in the old days one could read subversive books. You know-like 1984.


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