Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Not the brightest bulb in the lamp.....

Hi. This is Michelle Manhart. She will be unemployed soon.

She is the USAF Staff Sergeant who posed in Playboy-then went on TV and said she did not think anything would happen for it. You can check out her resume here and here and here. ( for research purposes only, you understand).

References can be found with these guys. Please hire this woman!

How in the heck does one get six rows of ribbons in only 8 years? Enquiring minds want to know!

My friends at provided the following summary:

An Air Force spokesman said, "This staff sergeant's
alleged action does not meet the high standards we expect of our Airmen, nor does it comply with the Air Force's core values of integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do."

Ouch, that's a little harsh, don't you think? No integrity? No excellence? True, Manhart may have put her own desires before those of the Air Force, but how does posing for Playboy lack integrity and excellence? She wasn't caught selling "her goods" on a San Antonio street corner. She posed for the world's No. 1 men's entertainment magazine. We'd say that's excellence. Now, had she posed for D-Cup or Hustler, we might see the Air Force's side of the story, but this is Playboy; arguably the world's most respected and professional men's entertainment magazine.

Latest news can be found here and here.


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