Thursday, January 25, 2007

Out and about.......

Starting a road trip today. Couple a days of fun in my second favorite city (HK) then on to Korea followed by Hawaii. Try packing for those climate changes with just one suitcase! Korea weather is 0.2 degrees Celcius when last I checked. Honolulu is in the 70's...........

Yep, needed a second suitcase...thank God for wheels and taxis! Now if I can just find my card for the MTR.................wonder how much money I have on it from my last foray down to the Fragrant Harbor?

At least in my previous workplace trips were usually only about 10 days. This one is for almost a month. With bad working hours again when I get to Hawaii. Thus, I have earned a couple of days on the front side for fun and a trip up and down Jaffe Road.

Sitting here in a very crowded lounge. Sitting across from what appears to be ageing hippies on a trip around the world. From careful eavesdopping I have deduced they are first going to Thailand then to Africa.........what is up with that? From the look of the guy with the beard, he is unequipped to really appreciate least not in the way I would appreciate it.

I need to go back to studying my Japanese. I used to go to class a couple times a week, now my work schedule, finances and travel will not permit it. However I was intrigued when I read a sign at Immigration that was definately new. It was in Japanese only and talked about the ban on travel from Japan to North Korea. I guess they don't print an English versuion since they assume that no westerner would be stupid enough permitted to travel there. It used to be legal for Japanese to go however.

So, when I finish this beer-its off to board the plane! See you folks on the other side!


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