Sunday, January 21, 2007

Out of comms and out of sync..........

The modem still just sits there and blinks. I've tried new cables, reloads of software, nothing works. Reminds me of launching with yesterdays codes and then trying to get the link to work.
(A bit of an inside SJS can tell you E-2 NFO's never check out the wrong codes and then go flying with them........... :-) ).

Lots of news to observe and no real time here to comment on them. Suffice it to say there is great coverage of the recent Chinese anti-satellite demonstration. Lest any on doubt where I stand on the issue, China is a once and future enemy of the United States. The launch is simply them demonstrating their desire to be a world power. Good thing the US Navy is getting smaller isn't it?

I also wonder how much of that technology was stolen and or sold to them by companies lusting after the billion person market?

Picked a fight with the S.O. last night. No real reason just my own grumpiness and frustration with her for being right. She did nothing to deserve it-I'm just at a down spot in my life right now. I think she knows that deep down-at least I hope she does. The problem is not her-its me. And its not going to fix itself soon.

So I should apologize....but not for a while anyway. Might as well milk some mileage out of it while I can.

Maybe it can lead to make-up sex? Madmae Chiang has some thoughts on that score. I especially like Indiana's version of the perfect woman!

Now however, I have to getr running and go back to the not so perfect one..................Hopefully my internet can get fixed tomorrow!


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