Monday, January 29, 2007

Seoul man

Ah, the time has come the Walrus said, to pay the piper. Limited posting for a day or so unitl I can work my way through the inevitable IT issues that come up dealing with the US Army and US Air Force. A firewall here, a blocked IP there (this blog included) and voila you can't get into your own work e-mail.

There are always work arounds, but it takes time to get them figured out.

In the meantime there are some great things read out on some of the other streets in Bloggerville.

E @ L has found that I need to update my links again.

Its cold here and I have plenty of work to do so I'm not getting out and about till later in the week. Picked up a copy of Foreign Policy Magazine to read since I can't surf porn the internet. They have some great articles including their cover piece:

They also agree with me about India.

SJS has a post that will keep you awake at night...worrying about China.

Michelle Malkin needs a makeover......and some new boots.

Speaking of Iraq, I'll bet Condi Rice hates it when Iraqi lawmakers agree with Democrats.

Spike has come to a logical conclusion based on the latest news.:

I know what's gonna happen next. There's going to be a massive outbreak of attacks on cigarette smokers and the attackers will use this as their defense, saying "I wasn't trying to hurt the guy, I was trying to help him" and lawyers will wave this article around and the attackers will not just get acquitted, they will get medals.

It won't just be smokers pal-us beer drinkers are in for it too.

Speaking of zealotry, the new model of dictator, Hu Jin Tao wants to purify the internet.

Oh I forgot, he's the dictator the US trades with. So he can't be that bad right?
This guy is the new model of tyranny folks. This type of thing is just the opening act.

And it looks like Carl Rove will get an invitation.
"Its called a subpoena!"-Senator Finistire.

Got to run......the libary thought police are coming to hunt me down.

Ja ne!


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