Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Can't live with them......

Can't beat them to a pulp. Or phrased another way, why is a beer is better than a woman? At least it will be ready on time.

Tonight the S.O. had a tight schedule. As she is teaching in her evening time to make some extra money (Japanese to Americans, English to Japanese-don't you hate her that she can do that?-I know I do.) she was scheduled to finish a lesson at 7. Then she had another one at 8. Dinner had to be ready at 7. Exactly 7. Wakriamsu ka? Hai wakarimasu.

So yours truly was a wiz in the kitchen figuring out each part of the meal in terms of time. I really did not mind, especially if this makes her happy about buying the !@#$ rug. However........

7pm came and went. So did 7:05. Then 7:10. Still nihongo o shaberemasu. 7:15. Finally at 7:25 , the nihonjin student goes out the door. Dinner was not nearly as nice as it would have been at 7. Let the record show...IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!


Speaking of pissing people off, anyone been following Abe-san lately? Talking about coercion, or the lack thereof, of women in Korea and the Philippines to service the troops during WWII. Seems that the Prime Minister is not going to quietly into that great good night:

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe bites his lips during an Upper House budget committee meeting in Tokyo Monday, March 5, 2007. Japan will not apologize again for its World War II military brothels, even if the U.S. Congress passes a resolution demanding it, Abe told parliament.

Abe, elaborating on his denial last week that women were forced to serve as frontline prostitutes, said none of the testimony in hearings last month by the U.S. House of Representatives offered any solid proof of abuse.

Seems several former members of the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere are taking objection to that. Koreans in particular are not amused by this. However Abe san is showing no signs of backing down. Personally, I think this is a deliberate strategy by Abe to get tough with Asia. In that he has decided enough is enough and Japan has apologized enough. However for a part of the world that still thinks Japan wants a rematch, its a weird line of thinking. Between Koreans, Japanese and Chinese none of them like one another and all of them look down on Filipinos. Obama only thinks he has seen racism. Come to Asia my friend, you can meet it first hand. This story too is not going away.


Speaking of Korea, look what happens now that Americans are no longer in the JSA ( Joint Security Area at the DMZ):

Not the real DMZ Methinks!

H/T Planet Boy!


On another provocative front, closer to home here in Japan , the "Governor", Shintaro Ishihara is out promoting his new movie. Japundit points out:

The famous, some say infamous Governor of Tokyo Ishihara Shintaro stands in front of a promotional poster for his movie ‘I Go To Die For You’ in Tokyo. The film was written by Ishihara and some are nervous that a right wing politician making a film about Kamikaze pilots cannot be a good thing in regards to furthering relations between Japan and its Asian neighbors.

The film's official web site is here and I blogged about this movie a few days earlier. Go here to see the trailer. You should follow the link to the movie's web site, its got some really cool Zero graphics!


Bad news for the Royal Family:

Empress Michiko has fallen ill, showing symptoms of bleeding from the walls of the intestines several times. The 72-year-old empress has also suffered oral inflammation and nasal bleeding, which the Household Agency attributed to psychological stress, adding she will have a chance to
recuperate on two occasions between late March and early April.

Under the category of this does not compute..........

North Koreans gathered to protest in Hibiya Park this past weekend. What's up with that? Seems they think Japan is being unfair to North Koreans. I assume that means they don't think Kim Jong Il is?


Finally, here is why we put up with the silliness I mentioned at the top of the post. Definitely NSFW! Mami Yasaki looking quite fine, if I do say so myself!

Need a cold shower!


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