Sunday, March 11, 2007

The elitists.................

Short post tonight, out eating a great dinner of crab at one of the local establishments. A little expensive, but very, very good.

I came home and as is my wont, drank some beer and read some blogs. Being unable to drink beer with dinner due to the obscene nature of the DUI laws these days. As it happened I strolled on over to Richard's place only to hear him singing the praises of a female Expat Blogger in China that Expat at Large had pointed me to days earlier.

In Richard's post and on the other blog, there is a common theme-looking down the nose at Expat men who seem enchanted by wonders of Asia and the women and other pleasures there. Unspoken is a lament that they do not transform themselves into mirror image of the mind numbing monotony they came to Asia to escape.

As I responded to this post of Richard's:

After reading both her blog and the comments here, I have once again been re-affirmed in something I already knew. There are a group of elitist expats who think they are somehow better than us hedonists and have to reaffirm their elitism by bashing us.

Personally I think its a sign of insecurity on their part.

I am tired of being told that I have to apologize for wanting to have a good time. Expat girl can just get over it.

Well for the record: 1) I like drinking and I like the fact that it can be done over here in Asia easier than it can be done in the US.

2) I like Asian women and a lot of guys are just like me. If we wanted to deal with pushy gwailo women-we would have stayed at home. (Although I agree with poster who said the idea of a submissive Asian woman is a myth. They just make you feel better while you are being used!)

3) Its a free market. Learn to compete in the market you're in or go home................

4) I'm not ashamed to be a "disgusting expat man". I am proud of it and will wear it like a badge of honor.

Sign me,

Happy as a clam to be in asia.

It is sad that there is a string of expat bloggers who have to look down on their fellow denizens. Hemlock does the same thing, I've seen the same tone in some of Larry Feign's cartoons. They all miss the point. What is Hong Kong with out Wanchai or Lon Kwai Fung? Bangkok without the Soi Cowboy or Patpong? Singapore without Orchard Towers or Clarke Quay? Tokyo without Roppongi? Just another crowded, big city. I don't need to travel 7000 miles just to see that. Stop ragging on the folks who want something different out of life and have found it in Asia. Ever stop to think it just means they are more progressive over here?

Well, maybe not. However if I want suburbia, I would have stayed in the states. Seems to me that is where Expat Girl needs to go-if she is so unhappy in China. It is representative of what I call, the elitist class of expat. Sadly, they exist here as they do at home. "A burning devil to take them!"

Finally, I refer her to the fact that the economics are not in her favor.............

Sign me, still happy to be in Asia!


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