Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patricks day!

Short post tonight. I had to work today and I will have to put some time in tomorrow. Which is going to put a definite cramp in my Guinness consumption tonight. Why the hell do they schedule exercises over weekends?

Today was an interesting day with a disjointed schedule. Work in the morning from the wee hours, a break midday and then back to hell the salt mines in the evening. Now is just time for a quick dinner a quick-and do mean quick-foray around the bars. Originally I had planned on tomorrow being a day to sleep, but the best laid plans of mice and men get waylaid.

Loving the new IPOD. I've went to the library and borrowed some CD's to build up my music count. Can't wait till I can get back and get my Jethro Tull library put on it.

Lots to say-no time say it. Things should get a little easier come Monday when the second half of our herd arrives here in Korea. We need the reinforcements and I need the time!

In the meantime-sorry for the short post. Nothing but fluff I know. Mo-betta soonest.

Have a great day! And don't forget to wear the green!


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