Monday, March 12, 2007

How it feels....

To be a middle of the road blogger sometimes:


Very little time as I am getting ready for my trip to Korea. Beginning with this trip I will spend over 50% of the next 4 months on the road-criss crossing the pacific at least 8 times by my figuring. That does not include travel between places here in Asia. That's too much travel, even for me.

It would be different if it were "gentleman's travel" like I used to do where the work was over by 4 or 5 and you were in the bar by 7. These trips( with one exception) all will start slow and then build to a mind numbing intensity of work that is sure to drive me nuts. Especially in Korea, where they will take something that could be done in 30 minutes and drag it out for at least an hour and a half each meeting. Death by denunciation and too much PPT stimulation. Check please!

I was lucky, my order from Amazon came in today.

So I will have:

1) The Sims complete set-which I spent most of tonight loading on my laptop. From looking at the tutorial it does not seem the game I thought it was. E.G. I cannot create a smoking hot, big breasted, female Sim that sleeps with anything that is male and has a pulse. Too much like real life for me! However I will play it for a while and see if it gets better.

2) Couple of books about EXPAT job hunting. Need to read.

3) The book, A Savage War of Peace. Its a book about the French effort in Algeria. Something to read on the plane(s) for the next few weeks.

4)Some art books for the S.O. On top of that I got hit up to buy her a yoga mat........The hits just keep on coming to my wallet!

Also, under the heading of why I hate Gen B.B. Bell, I had to complete on line training to tell me every thing I already knew about Korea. Some contractor must have made a fortune putting together this ridiculous waste of Internet bandwidth. So now I know:

1) Prostitution is some how bad
2) Korea gets sand storms from China
3) Need to be careful about what I eat and drink
4) Nothing good happens after midnight
5) Koreans respect their elders
6) Driving is dangerous in Korea-like I can get a rental car!
7) Command post exercises in Korea are nothing but exercises in futility........

Somehow, I don't think that last item was supposed to get into the training. I want their money back:


I also learned that Halliburton thinks living outside the US is a good idea, just like I do. Seems its harder to get served a subpoena from congress an ex-wife there.


Japan Probe has an interesting idea about why the birth rate in Japan is going down-its because Japanese men won't! Reminds me of my roommate freshman year-who had decidedly negative ideas about visiting the utsukushi kuuni.


Gotta run. S.O. wants the computer again to look for God knows what.


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