Thursday, March 15, 2007

Seems like I never left............

That is what I used to say whenever I came back to the carrier after being off of it for a while. The look and the smell and the frustrations were all the same. After a dayor so onboard, you were hungry, horny, and tired. You would think that here , you could at least do something about the middle item.........

Sadly, its too difficult now.

The working hours have changed because it seems they like early meetings here now. That blows with a capital B. Going to have to do something about that if they decide to work this weekend. It will be St. Patrick's day you know......

Bought an I-Pod today at the exchange. So now I need to down load more software and get it set up. I finally had it with dragging around DVD's and my portable DVD player. Plus when I heard I could down load TV programs-I'm there.

Yes, at this point, it is appropriate to ask, "where in the hell have you been Dude!? I-Pods have been out for years".

That may be true but they did not sell them with beer so I was not paying attention.

Bought a Foreign Policy magazine today. In it they have a great article about which countries and parties to the conflict, won in Iraq. The whole article can be found here. I'll throw in a plot spoiler though-not one of them is the United States. Yes the U.S. may be winning on the ground, but strategically the US set it self on a losing course right after "Mission Accomplished".

And the Winners are:

1. Iran

2.Muqtada El Sadr

3.Al Quaeda

4.Samuel Huntington


6. Arab Dictators

7. Oil Companies

8.The United Nations

9. Don Rumsfeld's friends in "Old Europe"

10. Israel

With the possible exception of Samuel Huntington, all of the wrong people are winning. Now before you dismiss that idea out of hand-I suggest you read the reason given at the links. ( It is easiest to buy the magazine or read it at your nearest library-some of the linked articles are subscriber only). They make some compelling reasons for their case. Particularly with respect to China, Arab democracy or lack thereof, and Iran.

FP has a pretty good track record on some of these types of analysis. Read for your self, or encourage your President to do so................

Gotta run. Have to be up early tomorrow. However I did find time to see my favorite little bartender last night. She has been doing yoga and it shows in all the right places ;-). She was looking quite nice last night! (Which reminds again why Ken's comment from the previous post is so correct). Gotta save my little won notes up.

Ja ne!


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