Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Telling the truth......

Greetings from Korea! Its actually warmer here than I expected it to be. Lets hope it stays that way.

Got over here OK-some adventure involved on the way. The powers that be decided to send our whole herd over in a military airplane. A C-12, which is a Beech King Air. Small and cramped and-relatively slow.

One of the things about spending a significant amount of time flying is that you learn to sense when an aircraft does not sound right. So passing 24,000 feet- looked up from my magazine to hear a thump thump thump. Not good I think to my self. Sure enough I look forward to the cockpit to see the co-pilot pulling the right engine off the line....and feathering it. Now, I've ridden through a single engine landing 4 times (Now 5 times) in my life. I really did not like any of them.

The crew did its job though. They declared an emergency, turned back toward the field, began an immediate decent. Those not familiar with flying were REALLY nervous. Truth be told, I was looking forward to 3 points on terra firma myself. However I reassured myself that we still had one pulling and plenty of altitude. -Looking back up into the cockpit we had not so far to go to get back to the field.

Which is what professionals do. They put their emotions behind them and get the job done.

Which is why I do not understand the flurry over what General Pace said. It seems, he committed the most outrageous sin in Washington DC, he said what he really felt. I believe deep down he thinks homosexuality is immoral. However, if you parse his whole statement-ALL OF IT- he was simply trying to point out that this nonsense about homosexuals openly serving is just that-nonsense and not smart to change the rules.

Now from my standpoint-I think the military is way off base trying to legislate sexual morality. As I have pointed out before, there are too many hypocrisies in its rules for it to do that. The better question is, " What gets in the way?"

Which is where the homo lobby just doesn't get it. Its not that gays are not able to serve. However if you are going to be gay and be in the military-that cloak of plausible deniability has to be there.

I think I speak for a lot of guys when I say its not that men are homophobic-its just that they are just not capable of understanding what a guy sees in another man. Guess that makes me an unenlightened dinosaur. I can live with that.

The point is still germane though. Once you know someone is gay-it becomes THE defining characteristic and you can never look at him the same way again. At least I can't. I think there are a lot of guys who would agree with me in that statement. If, on the other hand-you don't know for sure-well it creates a way out. Human nature does not change and hasn't for 6000 years.

So I'm glad Gen Pace is not apologizing. He has nothing to apologize for. He told what he considered to be the truth. The guy's got enough to do without being bushwhacked for saying how he feels.

So gay guys, put that in your pole pipe and smoke it.


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