Thursday, March 08, 2007

They were warned..............

Not a lot of time tonight. And what time I did have, I wasted putting up a post over here.

However, I have been watching some of the footage from the Congressional hearings about Walter Reed. I've also listened to the strident pledges of change that have come from the very top. From my little vantage point, I find it more than amusing-actually rather sad- that the administration seems to be only finding out about these things now. The truth is that people had been telling them that there were problems with veterans care for a long time now.

They told the good Mr Chu so-here. And here, as well as here, here and also here.

There are a lot more examples that can be given of how the Bush administration has been the most military personnel unfriendly administration since Jimmy Carter. When the good Dr Chu stands up and says that he is shocked that things were astray at Walter Reed, you should know that he is lying through his teeth. Plenty of veterans groups had tried to get the point across-that the administrations commitment to proper benefits was shallow and half hearted. Only to be ignored again and again.

Maybe the President did not know about it. However Rummy's boys did. And they did nothing.

Dr Chu even tried to make his stance seem virtuous a couple of years ago in the WSJ.

Write your Congressman. Demand that Dr Chu go away. Fire him today!


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